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LNAT  ABD ve Ingiltere de  Hukuk , Ekonomi , Kamu Yönetimi ile Sosyal Bilimler bölümlerinde eğitim alacak öğrencilere yönelik yapılan genel yetenek sınavlarıdır.

Coursesımız 1-1 olarak yapılmaktadır. Öğretim kadromuz ise Columbia Universitesinde Ekonomi ve Politika üzerine yüksek lisans yapmış öğretim görevlilerince bu lecturesler verilmektedir.

Ayrıca Courseumuzu başarı ile bitirenlere Öğretim  Görevlilerinden detaylı referans mektupları da verilmektedir.

LNAT sınavları hakkinda genel bilgiler asagidadir.

LNAT was developed by a consortium of UK universities as a fair way to assess  a candidate’s potential to study law at undergraduate level, regardless of their education or personal background.

The LNAT is designed to be a test of aptitude rather than educational achievement. The skills that candidates need to do well in the LNAT are also the skills that they need to do well in legal education. 

It is used alongside standard methods of selection such as A Level (or their global equivalent) results, university applications, and admissions interviews, to give a more accurate and rounded impression of the student’s abilities.

The test measures the verbal reasoning skills at the heart of legal education

  • comprehension
  • interpretation
  • analysis
  • synthesis
  • induction
  • deduction

The LNAT cannot be revised for, although those taking it will benefit from familiarising themselves with the style and format of the test. They can do this free of charge on the LNAT website.

Students can sit the computer-based test at a time and test centre convenient to them, choosing from over 500 test centres in 165 countries around the world.

Candidates are required to produce recognised photo-identification (such as a passport) to sit the test.

The LNAT is written and calibrated by Edexcel for Pearson VUE, the world's leading computer-based testing and assessment business.

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